Spring has sprung!!!!

Well, it’s official! Spring has sprung. Though, you may not be feeling it yet since the weather has been windy, wet and chilly. Still, the calendar at least says SPRING!

You’ve probably noticed a lot going on in the park lately. So what’s happening and will I still be able to enjoy a warm spring in my favorite community park?

In the west half of the park, the bluestone is being replaced and, hopefully, if the weather cooperates, the project will be done by the beginning of June.

Also, the Parks Department is working on the watering system and the fountain spray in the West fountain. Fingers crossed — these projects should be done within the next few weeks.

Then, around mid-May work will begin on a watering system in the east park. Hopefully, this project will be done before the heat of July settles in.

I’ve been in the park a lot lately, mostly the west side. I love watching the pigeons and squirrels with my daughter. I noticed, what seemed all at once, that there was a bloom of flowers: crocuses, daffodils and tulips. Very beautiful and seemingly out of nowhere! Also, I’m starting to see the slightest buds on the tree branches. Definitely a positive sign of spring!

We’ve been on the lookout for the hawk, which we call, “Napoleon.” I haven’t seen him (or her?) since February. Honestly, I should do a little research, maybe they migrate somewhere else this time of year. Ha!

I’m looking forward to the Alliance’s upcoming events. The next one is on Saturday, April 16th and it’s our “Green” event. Come out and support our beautiful park and all things “green!”

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