Solace… And the Park is Finished!

I was at the park the other day with my young daughter.  We were sitting under the canopy of trees just watching the birds and squirrels as we always do.  After a few minutes of enjoying the quiet, another baby strolled in with its nanny.  They sat down next to us and we struck up a conversation.  The baby was very sweet and had recently had corrective eye surgery so one of its eyes was covered with a Band Aid patch.  After talking awhile with the nanny she said she liked this park because it was quiet. unlike the Union Square Park she had just come from.  She especially liked it because since there were fewer people at Stuy Park than Union Square Park she and her charge received fewer “stares” because of the baby’s eye patch.  At first this made me feel sad.  Then, it dawned on me that Stuyvesant Park really offers a place of solace and calm for people to enjoy.  There are no fancy swings, no slippery slides, no perfectly manicured lawns, but it does have a green space to sit and escape the chaos and judgment of the busier parks in the City.  Yet another reason I adore this park.

When it was time to go, we were both happy that the babies had made a new friend and that we would try to meet up again in the park soon.  As I walked home, I reflected on how my park, in all it has to offer, could provide a safe haven of sorts to those seeking one.  It’s not the typical perspective one has when thinking of a park, yet, on this day, Stuyvesant Park did exactly that: provided calm and comfort to someone who really needed it.

Construction on the west side is done.  What a treat and perfect timing!  Enjoy!

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