Have you been inside the park recently?  It’s like sitting on a canopy bed, isn’t it??  The leaves, flowers and overall bloom make the park feel especially magical.  And, the gate on the 2nd Avenue entrance on the west side is open!  My daughter and I zoomed right in.

The Green event a few weeks ago was a success.  There were fewer people than last year, but still a decent turn out given the rain date and the construction in the west half.   If you came, thank you for supporting your park!

To celebrate Mother’s Day today, my husband, daughter and myself fed sunflower seeds to the birds in the west half.  We also gave walnuts to the squirrels.  We saw European Starlings, sparrows and, of course, pigeons.  As soon as my daughter sees the gate, she starts clicking her tongue to “call” the birds.  Not surprisingly, we get a great turnout.  Since the weather today was especially nice, the park was pretty busy.  Sundays seem to have the heaviest traffic.  Still, even on its busy days, the park is low key and enjoyable.

I can see great strides have been made with the west side construction.  It’s really starting to come together and the construction actually makes sense to me now.  From what I can see, it looks really nice.  I can’t wait for it to be all finished!

Continue to enjoy the weather; it gets better and better!  And if you’re dreading the sticky July and August to come, don’t worry, you know you can count on the park’s canopy of leaves to keep you cool…

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