It’s Almost October?

Well, this is supposed to be my “welcome to fall” post, but as I type this, the air is thick like pea soup!  Super muggy and steamy out.  So, my next post will have to talk about all the things I was planning on: like crisp leaves and air…

This year’s Herb Event, held Saturday, September 24 was a great success!  The best thing was that people kept saying, “I had no idea!” when we told them about the Park’s herb garden.  And the baked goods and food items that were made using the herbs from the garden were delicious.  My personal favorite were the rosemary pecans.  Even my 18 month old loved them!

We are busy planning the next event: the open air gallery on October 22.  This is a magical event where you can see submitted artwork by your neighbors.  It’s pretty amazing getting to see how talented the guy you run into walking his golden retriever everyday is!  A real treat!

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