Have you noticed?

Some serious spring cleaning has happened in the east side of the park.  On Saturday, May 21, several Alliance members as well as people just wanting to participate rolled up their sleeves and weeded, cleaned and spruced things up!  Why all the beautifying?  It was “It’s My Park” day!

So what got done exactly?  Well, the dog run got a huge scrub-down with a power washer, along with sweeping, and general maintenance.  Weeding, weeding and more weeding was done to help put a dent in some major overgrowth.  It’s amazing what some good old-fashioned elbow grease and hard work can accomplish.

And to make it look even nicer, just yesterday several plants/flowers were planted at the fountain.  Looks quite lovely!  It’s not done just yet, but will be by June.

I was in the park today and realized yet another reason why I love it.  If you want sun: got it.  If you want shade: easy to find!  In my opinion it’s tough to find a park with adequate shade + seating.  Our Stuy park gets the job done!  I like the shade in particular – it’s at least 10 degrees cooler!

Our next event is right around the corner on June 4th.  Check out the calendar for more details.  Looking forward to see you there!

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