Has Spring Sprung?

I don’t know about you, but it is feeling pretty spring-like to me!  Snow storms in October and 60 degrees in February.  It is really something that the crocuses and snow drops are blooming in full force as I type this.  They are beautiful!

My 2 year old daughter has even noticed the blooms.  She’ll say “cro-ca” and race over to see the purple flowers.  So, needless to say, we have been in the park even more than usual this past week.  One day we fed the squirrels.  Stuyvesant Park squirrels sure are spoiled!  They refused our Trader Joe’s sunflower seeds.  So, we went back the next day armed with walnuts, which seemed to be a hit.

Some of you may remember from a previous blog that we named the hawk that frequents the Park, Napoleon.  Well, maybe it really is spring because we finally saw Napoleon after a long stretch of missing him.  He’s truly an amazing site to see smack in the middle of Manhattan.  Those picky squirrels better watch out!

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