Green For St. Patrick’s Day? Think Again…

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was walking through the west side of the park. He called me and asked, “did the Park have some sort of St. Patrick’s Day celebration?” I replied that I hadn’t been aware of any such event. He went on to describe the green color that seemed to be shading the stone and bricks.

A few days later, I got an email from another Community Alliance member warning us all to reconsider entering the Park especially with dogs and small children. The reason, she explained, was because the Park had been sprayed with Roundup in an attempt to control weed growth in between stone and bricks. I was shocked to learn this since there were no signs at the Park’s entrances (it would have been nice to have notices at these spots so people could decide whether or not to enter based on knowledge of the spray).

Unfortunately, I did go into the Park with my two year old daughter who was literally all over the ground. And, I did notice that green coloring that my husband thought was a result of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Boy, was he wrong. Instead, it was chemicals that were now all over our feet, our pets’ feet, our kids’ feet – everywhere.

I try not to be too alarmist about many things. I mean, you have to pick your battles. Still, the idea of vulnerable people and animals unknowingly coating themselves in chemicals DOES, in fact, alarm me. If it does you as well, please: CALL 311 and file a complaint.

A few days later, the east side was sprayed as well…

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