East Side, Anyone?

So today I wandered over to the east side of the park.  I found myself in this half, which, I definitely seem to neglect, because of the ongoing construction in the west half.  Wow is all I have to say!  Lots of blooming over there!  I must admit, more than in my favored west side.  Quite lovely, to say the least.

When I happened upon the park, there was a neat demonstration going on by Million Trees NYC.  They were showing neighborhood school kids techniques of tree care.  They even had climbing ropes and harnesses to demonstrate how to climb and repel the park’s trees.  When the person in the tree came down everyone clapped, even my 13 month old daughter!  Very cool!

Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates on Saturday.  It’s our “Green Event” and the nicer the weather, the more people who will come out, have fun, and support the park.  We’ve got a great line-up for you and your kids this year, so stop by the EAST SIDE of the park from 12-4pm to meet local businesses, community members, and neighbors to see what’s available for you to live a greener and healthier life. This Event happens just once a year around Earth Day.

Hope to see you there!

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