Can’t Beat The Sunshine!

While others associate March with spring, I have always thought of it as cold, wet and windy.  So far, this March is proving me (thankfully) wrong!  I’ve been in the Park so much lately that I’ve become an expert in the different flowers blossoming.  There are crocuses, helibor (I recently learned about these), daffodils, snow drops, and soon-to-be tulips.  This coming week is supposed to be so mild that I’m guessing all the buds will “pop” in no time.

I took my two year old daughter to the east half today, something we rarely do.  Since it was a Sunday, the dog run was crowded and busy.  My daughter loved sitting outside the run itself and just watching the dogs play.  I kept telling her that it was like her playground, but only for dogs.  We watched for almost and hour!  When I was leaving, a woman approached me and said, “I really appreciate your parenting.”  Not understanding, she explained that too often parents bring their little ones inside the dog run to run around and play with the dogs.  I thought this was crazy!  There had to be close to 30 dogs roaming around.  I reassured her that I agreed and that it’s fun watching, but not fun – and potentially not safe – for anyone if I brought my two year old inside the gate.  It’s a good reminder for parents: no kids in the dog run!  It’s for the dogs, afterall.

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